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Here are some links to other entomological sites of interest

Vermont Entomological Society Discussion Group
Our email discussion group for members.

Zadock Thompson Natural History Collection
The state's largest invertebrate collection at the University of Vermont.

Vermont Monitoring Cooperative
Providing the information needed to understand, manage, and protect Vermont's forested ecosystems in a changing global environment

Vermont Center for Ecostudies
The state's premier institute for conservation biology.

The Maine Entomological Society
Our partners and friends in Maine.

Vermont Butterfly Survey
A six-year effort to document butterfly diversity and abundance across the state.

Odonata of Vermont
A data center on the dragonflies and damselflies of Vermont.

The Montpelier BioBlitz
An biological inventory of our state capital on July 11-12, 2008.

North Branch Nature Center
A delightful nature center in Montpelier

Birds of Vermont Museum
An amazing collection of every bird species nesting in Vermont (and many more). We hold an annual insect walk here each July.


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